Protecting You And Your Estate

Gone are the days when Inheritance Tax (IHT)
was the sole concern of the wealthy.

Reliable Advice

While many people are aware of the need for IHT planning, few still do anything about their potential liability. So few, in fact, that HM Revenue & Customs collected £3.1bn in IHT revenues in 2012/13 alone *.

Carefully Constructed Solutions

IHT is just one of the many areas to consider when protecting your family and home – others include Capital Gains Tax, illness and loss of income. Assessing the right protection for your specific needs is essential to any wealth management solution.
*Source: HMRC Tax and NIC Receipts Report October 2013

Inheritance Tax

Would you like HM Revenue & Customs to be the biggest single beneficiary of your estate when you die?

Protection Planning

Protecting you and your family from unforeseen circumstances is vital to your financial well-being…

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